Rowan University suggests students not drink water because of lead

GLASSBORO, N.J. -- If you visit Rowan University's campus, you'll notice almost everyone is carrying bottled water.

Why? The campus' tap water has tested positive for lead.

"It's in the fountains, too. It's everywhere. It's in the sinks, so I've just been carrying jugs," said Mark Caravaglio, student.

The discovery was made after discolored water was brought to faulty's attention.

"I got the email after I drank a whole bottle of water out of the sink so," said Chris Nicolosi, student.

The Glassboro Municipal water tests came back negative for lead. The problem lies within the campus, specifically old buildings and old pipping.

"The buildings are all pre-1986, which is the year when construction materials were not allowed to have lead in them," said VP of University Relations Joe Cardona.

In fact, we're told there's no quick fix to this. Each of the 50 buildings on campus has to be handled uniquely.

"It's too early to talk about remedies. It'll change from building to building how we solve the issue, but this is a prolonged event," said Cardona.

So what's being done to combat the issue now?

Where's there's testing being done, "DO NOT DRINK" signs have been posted or the fountains are just turned off all together.

Bottled water is available to all students each day, and there's plenty.

Purified water fountains are in place; students can also fill their water bottles up there easily as well.

At 7 p.m. Thursday, a Q&A session with faculty was made available to address concerns in the student center.

The school says transparency with their students is what's most important working through this.

"We want students to know we're looking out for their best interests," said Cardona.
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