Small dog chases large bear through yard of California home

BRADBURY, Calif. -- A small dog took on a big bear in the yard of a home in the San Gabriel Valley Tuesday.

After the bear took a leisurely dip in the swimming pool of the Bradbury residence, it wandered off into a forested area adjacent to the home.

The bear sat and ate fruit from trees in the wooded area before being confronted by a small domestic dog.

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A small dog took on a big bear in the yard of a home in the San Gabriel Valley Tuesday.

The dog and bear engaged in a short standoff before the bear began to pursue the dog across the yard of the home. The tables turned, however, when the dog chased the bear through the yard onto a children's jungle gym.

After the dramatic pursuit, the bear continued to wander around the neighborhood for hours, lounging under trees, eating fruit, chasing a deer and climbing walls near various residences.

According to one family, the same bear was also a suspect in an earlier break-in that occurred at their home. Nanette Gonzaga said she encountered the bear in her kitchen after it climbed the back stairs leading into the residence.

The bear busted through a window screen before ransacking the refrigerator searching for food.

In fear for her life, Gonzaga said she locked herself in a bedroom. The bear eventually wandered outside again and was scared away from the house by sheriff's deputies, leaving behind a big mess in Gonzaga's kitchen.

Deputies said this isn't the first time the same bear has ventured into the neighborhood. The creature is tagged, so residents are certain they've seen this curious creature before.

"He makes a mess of our trash bin every night," said resident Mike Tavakkoli.

"I've never seen him get into any trouble other than dumping the trash can, digging and looking for food," said resident Alex Naranjo. "He eats some of my avocados or whatever fruit he can find and that's pretty much it."
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