Stranded boaters admit they're lucky after NYPD rescue, say it was first time on boat

CANARSIE, Brooklyn (WABC) -- Two people stranded on an island in Jamaica Bay for 24 hours this week are talking about their scary ordeal, and how they were rescued by the NYPD.

Jenny Ly, 50, and Kevin Huynh, 52, admitted they're lucky. They said they had never driven a boat before they took their new 2007 30-footer out for a "test drive" Monday afternoon. The boat was a birthday gift for Ly.

"New boat! Anxious! Why not take it out for the test drive," said Ly.

But they beached it during low tide on a small island called Canarsie Pol for a full day -- no food, no water, no two-way radio and no cell phone.

"I had a pole and plastic bag waving!" said Ly.

She even waved a white flag to try to get help.

The NYPD harbor units found them out there Tuesday afternoon, but had to send a larger helicopter for the rescue.

"He tried to land but could not and left and I said 'oh no! Don't leave me!' And then finally a big helicopter came back," Ly said.

That was the one that rescued them.

The NYPD posted these photos of the rescue on social media:

The officer who pulled them to safety was Ken Boss - who was acquitted in the 41-bullet shooting death of Amadou Diallo back in 1999. Boss, who works with NYPD's Aviation Unit, was promoted to sergeant last December after 21 years on the force.

The two rescued stress boating lessons are a must for them and anyone else who wants to avoid an ordeal like this one. null
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