Suspect charged in shooting of 3-year-old boy in Trenton

TRENTON, N.J. -- A suspect is now facing charges for the shooting that injured a young boy in Trenton, New Jersey.

Authorities say Friday morning 19-year-old Tah'von Goss of Trenton turned himself in to police in connection with the shooting. He's being charged with attempted homicide, aggravated assault and weapons charges.

More arrests are expected.

Police returned to Exton Avenue Friday morning to recover a bullet found lying in the street as possible evidence in the Thursday night shooting.

"The three-year-old was with his father at that time of the shooting and he was approached by several suspects who fired in his direction, during which time the child was struck," said Trenton Police Lt. Steven Varn.

The toddler is reported to be in stable condition. The bullet passed through the flesh of his upper left arm.

Helen Davis was out of the house when more than a dozen bullets were fired right in front of her home.
The gunfire shattered a side passenger window on her Chevy Impala, blew out a tire and left a gaping bullet hole in the back door.

"I think it's terrible. It's awful. I think something needs to be done. It's just too much chaos and too many guns," said Davis.

Police won't go into detail, but say the motive for the shooting is some kind of neighborhood dispute between residence of Exton Avenue and nearby Stuyvesant Avenue.

"I think it's a shame they don't care who's around it, just to shoot anybody," said resident Debbie White.

"Totally disrespectful for anyone to hurt a child. They need to be put where they belong as soon as car soon as gone," said Eric Ellison.
Police are continuing their investigation. null
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