Thieves cut hole in New Jersey jewelry store roof, pull off huge heist

WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, N.J. (WABC) -- The search is on for the thieves behind a jewelry store heist in New Jersey.

The suspects made off with nearly a million dollars worth of goods.

The burglars cut a hole in the roof of the store on Pascack Road in Washington Township.

They were precise. Cameras caught not one clue as to their identity, because the thieves shut them down, and the alarm system as well, seconds after the ceiling falls.

Customers have been stopping by Amir Jewelers, just as upset as the hard-working family that owns the store.

The break-in happened Sunday night at the Washington Town Center. Monday morning Rana Amir came to open the store, to find the alarm off and the store a mess, with a hole cut in the metal roof.

"They empty the whole showcase. Everybody knows my merchandise. I had good stuff," said Bashar Amir. "Oh My God they break my heart. Christmas is our season and we work very hard."

Nearly $1 million worth of diamonds and gold were gone. Amir and his two brothers immigrated to America from Syria, opening three stores and never having any trouble, until now.

"My father, my father's brothers, they've been in this business for years," said nephew James Amir. "I've seen them come to this country with $200 in their pockets. I go to school trying to live up to half of what they have done."

The shopping strip has cameras, from end to end, but Amir says he was told that they don't work, with not one image of the suspect captured.

As police investigate, the family is standing strong.

"We're gonna be back on track, we'll stand on our feet," said one of the owners.

The Amirs have restocked as much as they could to be open through the holidays, and through tears and disappointment, they are pushing forward.

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