Town Hall held after 12 murders reported last year in Plainfield, NJ

PLAINFIELD, New Jersey (WABC) -- A city in New Jersey is worried and on edge after there were 12 murders last year in the Union County City of Plainfield.

The last one of the year happened last Thursday.

Many anxious residents are demanding answers from the mayor.

Seafood Rama on East 2nd Street in Plainfield was dark on Thursday night.

There was no irresistible aroma of fried fish or the love and laughter 32-year-old Shamar Coleman would serve along with it.

"When we opened that restaurant that day, he said, 'Mom, no matter who comes in today, just feed them. If they don't have any money, just feed them,'" said Angela Coleman, the victim's mother.

A man seen in blue sweatpants and a blue and gray hoodie is the guy the Union County Prosecutor's Office wants to talk to in connection with the December 29th shooting.

"It affected the community in that it was the last homicide of the year and it was number 12," said Adrian O. Mapp, Mayor of Plainfield.

In a room that could barely contain all of the people, nevertheless their emotions, the Union County Prosecutor's Office, local law enforcement agencies and elected officials held a Town Hall to address Coleman's murder, and the 11 other people who killed in Plainfield last year.

"We have people who will not talk to the police," said Grace H. Park, Acting Union Co. Prosecutor.

"When we talk about no snitching, it's not because people are afraid, it's because they are not going to get any protection," said Maurice Clark Wilkerson, Our People Affecting Neighborhoods.

"We're not blaming anyone, but we need a connect between City Hall and the community," said Karen Hall, Project Hope.

"I make sure that I volunteer in my community," said Lamar Maxton, a Plainfield resident.

It's a community, that after a many hours, came to one only consensus.

"We got to start somewhere. This is a start," said Latoya Coleman, the victim's sister.
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