Turning dreams into dollars with an ingenious invention

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He's a character with a conscience. The entrepreneur saw a way to capitalize on an everyday frustration. He says his invention helps hospitals and schools eliminate waste -plus allows businesses to boost revenue, all while keeping the Earth Greener. This from a tiny widget that may make you wonder: Why didn't I think of that?!

Whether it's driving up in his vibrant London taxi or dressing up in colorful outfits, Steven Epstein likes to make a splash. His big idea even came to him in the shower!

"I got out of the shower and I wanted to put on lotion and the pump quit it started spitting then quit," Epstein said. "That's when I had the light-bulb moment."

You've tried pumping shaking pounding and shaking some more but those thick liquids won't come out introducing, "Flip-it!"

The husband and father of three tired of watching dollars go down the drain with pricey beauty and household products washed away invented the cap system two years ago and it took off.

He has sold more than a million units on QVC in four different countries so far.

His inspiration came after assisting earthquake victims in Haiti. Steven, a licensed pilot, made three trips, donating products from his South Kearny packaging company and even delivering an ambulance. He didn't want to waste a drop of product. So he came up with his invention.

Steven's advice for other inventors think of something simple and user friendly.

Next, do your research. Steven spent $9,000 hiring a patent lawyer to see if anyone already had the rights to a similar product.

Take the time to trademark slogans. Steven made sure no one could come after him for "Flip-it" catch-phrases.

He also kept his price points low at $5.95 for the basic product.
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