Rally held by union of doorwoman in Manhattan after husband detained by ICE agents

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AJ Ross has the latest details.

There is an urgent plea to free a father who was suddenly taken into custody by ICE agents in Manhattan.

Standing in solidarity with a young family being torn apart, dozens including several local leaders stood in protest Tuesday of an ICE decision to detain a hardworking father from Colombia who they say was simply trying to do the right thing through the proper government channels.

A devoted husband and father, 29-year-old Juan Divares has spent the past six years working as an electrician providing for his family, paying taxes and seeking citizenship.

But on Tuesday, Juan's American Dream was shattered when he attended a routine ICE check in with his wife Yaharia and suddenly found himself detained because of a technical issue.

Surrounded by members of her union 32BJ, Yaharia along with several local politicians demanded an end to what they believe is becoming a pattern of callous and excessive decisions by ICE.

"Find some level of compassion of understanding, these are the people who make up our union, these are the people who make up our community they deserve better than this," a worker said.

With no criminal history Juan's attorney is now fighting for extended time to reverse his deportation order.

In the meantime, his wife and 14-month-old son will be forced to put their own dreams on hold until their family is united again.

32BJ is one of the largest unions representing immigrant workers in the country. About two-thirds of their members in New York are immigrants
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