Victim shot and killed while helping homeless in Brooklyn

BOROUGH PARK, Brooklyn (WABC) -- His job was to help the homeless and he was doing his job when someone shot him and killed him on a Brooklyn Street Monday.

Nashan Henry, 36, was gunned down in broad daylight on busy New Utrecht Avenue Monday afternoon in Borough Park.

It was a puzzling crime for witnesses to watch.

"Boom, boom, boom. One after another," a witness said.

"It was a little bit confusing going on, where the guy ran, the car, I didn't see all that," another witness said.

"I never saw that in my life, shocking," a witness said.

Investigators say Henry was sitting in the driver's seat of a cargo van when he was shot by a suspect in a red Nissan SUV.

The suspect fired several shots, striking the victim in the chest.

The shooter took off down 46th Street.

"It was a big surprise because Borough Park is very quiet, very safe place," said Ilya Babayev, a witness.

The victim worked for Win, Inc., a non-profit organization that helps homeless women and children.

He was transporting a client to an appointment.

Former City Council Speaker Christine Quinn runs the organization and said in a statement: "Out of an abundance of caution, Win has suspended all operations of our vehicle fleet and enhanced our security protocols at all of our facilities throughout New York. Win is working with the NYPD to help in their investigation and ensure that the perpetrators of this heinous crime are held accountable."

A friend of the victim at the scene said he can't believe buddy was murdered.

"This guy was a beautiful person, a beautiful soul, probably one of the best people is in this neighborhood. Never harm to nobody. He only helps everybody it would take the shirt off his back, it is terrible, it makes me sick to my stomach. These people are cowards, they're cowards," a witness said.
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