Victim's sister speaks out about deadly Queens crash

SOUTH OZONE PARK, Queens (WABC) -- Stephanie Leroy says her sister Desray was her best friend and her only sibling. The car they were in collided with a drunk driver at an intersection in South Ozone Park. The impact sent their car onto a lawn.

Desray, 23, had her whole life ahead of her. At one moment she was having the time of her life, and in an instant it was all over.

"I wish I could've been better for her that day. And that I miss her, and I will always love her, and she's th best sister I ever had," said Stephanie.

Stephanie said she had a bad feeling before going to the nightclub with her sister Saturday night, wishing now she had listened to her gut. She says her big sister Desray was doing all this for her.

"She wasn't the type to club, she wasn't the type to party," Stephanie adds.

The two were inseparable, so Stephanie reluctantly agreed - after all, this was a surprise gift for Stephanie's 21st birthday, and her first time to a club.

The Audi that they were riding in, packed with 6 passengers, flipped upside-down and rolled over three times.

The crash happened around 4:30 Sunday morning in South Ozone Park. A green Honda barreling down Linden Boulevard slammed into the Audi. Moments after the collision, Stephanie fell out of the car, and then pulled passengers out.

"I broke the window, and lifted up the car just to get her out - to pull her out I held her head. Touched her hand - it was cold," Stephanie says.

Desray was sitting on a friend's lap in the backseat. The Audi driver, police say, blew through a stop sign.

Stephanie says for fifteen minutes, she held her sister those final moments. Desray couldn't speak to her, but Stephanie says her eyes did all the talking.

"She looked at me. That was like the last look I saw," she says.

As for the driver of the Honda, she was arrested and charged with drunk driving and for driving without a license.
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