VIDEO: Driver says dash cam video proves Clifton officer 'brake checked' him

CLIFTON, New Jersey (WABC) -- A Clifton police officer is being investigated after a video apparently shows him "brake checking" a driver.

The incident happened back on March 19th as the motorist drove up West Van Houten Avenue.

The college student is getting plenty of reaction from a video he posted online.

"How close are you going to drive behind me?" the officer said in the video.

"I was a car length away," Omar said.

The video has more than 80,000 views on Reddit and has sparked an Internal Affairs review.

"You brake checked me," Omar said.

"I braked 'cause I thought you were going to run into me," the officer said.

Eyewitness News spoke to the driver exclusively Friday night, and he asked us not to show his face during the interview, though you can see him in the dash cam video.

"I think it's disgusting. If you look at the video you can see there's a car on the right and oncoming traffic on the left," Omar said. "You don't put someone else in danger."

Omar says he has a dash camera just in case there's an accident and he needs evidence. He never imagined he would need it to fight a cop in court.

"Here's your summons," the officer said.

Omar was cited for not having a front plate, dark windows, and tailgating.

He told the officer about his camera during the March 19th incident.

Clifton Police gave Eyewitness News a short statement saying, "The Clifton Police Department is aware of the incident. Internal Affairs matters are confidential, therefore, we will not be commenting on the incident at this time."

"I think the proper thing to do would be to pull over, let me pass, then put your sirens on and your lights and conduct a normal traffic stop. But obviously he chose to slam on his brakes," Omar said. "I thought is very irresponsible of him."

Omar says he rejected a plea deal Tuesday in court and now plans to fight the charges when his trial begins May 26th.

"Now I have to go to court, now I have to pay lawyers. I have to take time off from work. I also go to school so I have to dedicate time away from my studying to deal with this. Hopefully the right thing happens and this cop gets disciplined," Omar said.

You can watch the driver's original uploaded video here (contains explicit language):
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