Video shows car slamming into Roosevelt deli

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Kristin Thorne is live in Roosevelt with the latest (WABC)

Surveillance video captured the moment a car careened into a deli on Babylon Turnpike in Roosevelt Monday, narrowly missing a pedestrian and injuring at least one person inside the bodega.

Kevin Butler, 57, was inside the store at the time. He was hit in the leg by flying debris, and he spoke exclusively to Eyewitness News by telephone from the hospital.

"I was talking to the guy at the counter," he said. "We heard this loud boom, a bang. I turned around and looked out the window. She lost control of the car and came straight for me."

Deli owner Miguel Medina says he heard the crash from the back of the store.

"How could you be upset? It's an accident. I'm just happy we're alive," he said. "All my workers are OK."

The video shows the car being struck on the roadway and skidding, out of control, into the store. A woman on the sidewalk was clipped by the vehicle, but she managed to jump out of the way and avoid major injury.

Eyewitness News also spoke exclusively with the driver who said he accidentally hit the woman's car as he was trying to make a left-hand turn. He said he couldn't see her car behind a bus.

"I saw the traffic was slowing down, and then all of a sudden, this car was going fast," he said. "And I hit the front of it."

Medina said all parties seemingly suffering only minor injuries.

"I make sure everybody was OK," he said. "I checked and see if the person was alive. I called and told them to send an ambulance."

Medina said the woman on the video, as well as a teenage boy, walked away from the scene. He doesn't know who they are or how they're doing, but he figures they're not seriously injured. And he's thankful he has insurance to cover the damage.

"We're going to take a loss," he said. "The main thing is life. No life is gone, so we OK."
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