Video shows shooting of 71-year-old Chicago man as he waters lawn

CHICAGO -- A home surveillance camera has captured video of an attacker riding up on a bicycle and shooting a 71-year-old Chicago man who was watering his lawn in the middle of the day.

It shows the attack on Frederico Laguardia by two men who took his wallet and shot him in the stomach before riding away. Laguardia was listed in fair condition at Mount Sinai Hospital.

A $1,000 reward is being offered as police search for suspects.

"Don't be afraid. Stand up. We need our Chicago back, OK? We need Chicago back," said Pete Keller, of United Legion One Nation.

In Marquette Park, neighbors and community activists appealed for information and passed out flyers door-to-door in hopes of cracking the case.

"If you know that's your son, your nephew, your uncle, no matter who he is, turn these two individuals in," crisis responder Andrew Holmes said.

In the police district that includes Marquette Park, the number of murders in 2016 is on pace to equal the total from the past two years combined.

"They didn't pedal their bikes from 87th Street all the way down here," said Michael Airhart, of All Kids Matter. "They're in the area. Someone knows something."

In the wake of this last shooting, some neighbors said they want out of Chicago. But community activists are pleading with them to remain.

"Don't leave," activist Raul Montes, Jr., said. "You're giving up. You're giving up to the criminals. You need to stay. This is your neighborhood, and you need to stay here and fight. Do not leave."

Wednesday night at Moody Bible Institute, a diverse group of people gathered from every corner of the city to listen to a desperate plea for change from a pulpit of peace.

"Too many mothers crying! Too much blood! Father, we need you today!" preached Donovan Price, of Pray Chicago.

The service was attended by a New York City pastor who says he walked more than 700 miles from the East Coast to show support for Chicago, the epidemic of violence here garnering national attention.
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