What to Expect From Trump's 'Major' Immigration Speech

Donald Trump has been talking about his immigration plans for weeks and now he's teasing a "major speech" he'll be giving on the topic this week.

Not much is known about his plans for the immigration speech besides what he posted on Twitter last night.

The speech comes after Trump and his campaign manager Kellyanne Conway gave differing statements about his plans during several appearances last week.

Conway stepped further back from Trump's earlier suggestions of a deportation force during a television appearance this weekend, saying that he "is not talking about a deportation force." That contrasts with what he said earlier in the campaign.

ABC News political analyst Matthew Dowd said that given the back-and-forth of late, the main goal of Trump's address on Wednesday should be clarity.

"He's been all over the map and on every different place on this," Dowd said.

Trump should be trying to "convince people that it's his set policy and that's where he's going to stay," Dowd added.

Trump's recent waverings on immigration indicated that he may be softening on some of his harder stances, which could be an effort to try and win over more moderate Republicans, according to Georgetown University associate professor Hans Noel.

"These are the voters that [Jeb] Bush and [Marco] Rubio and others were appealing to during the nomination. Many of them seem uncomfortable voting for a candidate whose immigration policy is so aggressive. It's not even so much Latino voters as white Republicans who don't want to be hostile to Latinos," Noel told ABC News.

"Trump's goal is to hold onto his core while not alienating the rest of his party. That's hard. If it were easy, immigration policy wouldn't be so complicated in the first place," he said.
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