White Plains man recounts horror of shooting at Mexican nightclub

NEW YORK (WABC) -- A man from Westchester County was among those at a Mexican nightclub where several people were shot and killed.

Early Monday morning the panic spread as a popular Mexican resort overrun by a stampede of clubgoers. One minute they were enjoying an electronic music festival and the next, they were dodging bullets.

Among them was Stephen Rosado of White Plains.

"I heard like five shots and the first thing I did was to tell my friends to lie on the ground," Rosado said. "We saw people getting into ambulances, we saw a body on the floor and another body being carried into the ambulance."

Mexican officials say a lone shooter let loose a barrage of bullets at the front of the Blue Parrot nightclub, in the resort town of Playa del Carmen.

When it was over, five people had been killed and 15 injured.

At least four Americans among the injured, like Heather Parham from Washington State.

She took a bullet in the lower back.

Ignacio Valencia returned home to Houston Monday night. He was grateful to have survived a relatively superficial wound. He watched a close friend die.

As for Stephen from White Plains, he's is looking forward to his own departure. He leaves Playa del Carmen on Tuesday.

"We don't feel secure anymore," Rosado said. "Nobody really wants to be here anymore, we just want to go." null
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