Why new Tappan Zee Bridge construction one of the 'safest' projects

NEW YORK (WABC) -- With the massive 'Left Coast Lifter; in full operation, giant girders are being put into place on the new New York Bridge, being built to replace the Tappan Zee.

"Anything that our workers may not be aware of when they come in - we offer that training to make sure everybody is as safe as possible," said one manager.

The twin three-mile spans stretching across the widest portion of the Hudson River creates one of the most challenging construction projects, and as contractors are boasting, one of the safest in terms of on-the-job accidents.

"From day one, from 2013 to present - 21 incidents," said Project Safety Manager Daryl Lloyd.

The incidents are with more than six million man hours put in by 1,200 workers, two shifts, seven days a week, and with most of the work dangerously over the water.

"To have one incident, basically one incident every three months is amazing, considering the type of work we do out there and the challenges we are facing," adds Lloyd.

Design and construction is by 'Tappan Zee Constructors', a consortium of firms working in conjunction with the New York State Thruway Authority.

"We never ever disagree on safety, that is one thing we both hold as the highest priority," says Project Director Jamey Barbas.

Tappan Zee Constructors has a unique approach.

"On this job, if they are asked to do anything unsafe, if they see anything unsafe, they are allowed to stop the work, and get it fixed," says Tappan Zee Constructors President Terry Towle.

As part of Safety Week 2016, the construction industry as a whole is pushing for greater safety measures.

"Together we can make a real impact, and keep our people safer," says Michael Cobelli, President and CEO of Skanska USA Civil.

As the work continues on every phase of the project, the contractors continue to stress the need to keep the project as safe as possible.
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