Wild chain of events in New Jersey includes shooting, carjacking and crash into Halloween store

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Anthony Johnson reports from Kenilworth.

Police in New Jersey are investigating a chain of events that began with a shooting in a hotel, included a carjacking, and ended with the suspected gunman crashing into a store in Kenilworth Wednesday.

The car he had stolen went into the front of a Halloween store on Route 22 near the Best Buy and Union Plaza Shopping Center, according to police.

The incident began when police received a call reporting a dispute between a man and a woman at the Clinton Motor Lodge on Route 22. 35-year-old Quadree Frazier allegedly shot a woman in the neck there. When the suspect left the hotel, police say he struck the hotel manager in the head with the gun several times which gave him a deep cut that required stitches.

Authorities say that Frazier then went into a Target parking lot, pulled a gun on another woman, demanded her car keys and took off.

Before police could stop the car, it crashed into a pickup truck travelling on Rt. 22 east, but kept going.

The suspect then collided with another car that was travelling near Michigan Avenue, police say.

That car and the Frazier's car lost control and crashed into a Jeep that was parked in the lot of the store, occupied by Union County Prosecutor Grace Park, who was shaken up in the crash.

The car continued after striking the Jeep and went through the wall of the store.

The driver got out and was arrested. Police determined he was the man involved in the carjacking at Target.

The vehicle that had crashed into the store caught fire, but the blaze was extinguished. No one was inside the store was hurt. The owner said the area where the car struck was used as a storage area.

Detectives are investigating the three crime scenes and piecing the whole chain of events together.

The suspect was taken to University Hospital and found to have broken vertebrae in his neck and back, damaged ribs, and a collapsed lung. He is still under police guard.

Charges pending against Frazier include, carjacking, weapons offenses and attempted murder.
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