Woman accused of killing Bronx pregnant woman, cutting baby out pleads not guilty

WAKEFIELD, Bronx (WABC) -- A 22-year-old woman on Tuesday pleaded not guilty to murder and kidnapping after prosecutors said she cut a baby from the womb of a pregnant acquaintance.

Ashleigh Wade was held without bail after the court appearance. She was also charged with weapons possession.

Police and prosecutors say Wade stabbed Angelique Sutton in the neck, then cut the full-term baby from her womb.

The infant survived and is being cared for by Sutton's relatives. Wade and Sutton, also 22, were classmates who had recently reconnected. Police say Wade was obsessed with babies and pretended she was pregnant when she wasn't.

The bloody scene confused authorities because they said Wade initially claimed the newborn was hers. Police found a placenta on the ground.

At a vigil after the incident, Sutton's family said they were devastated but grateful for the baby's life.
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