Woman 'evicted' from Walmart was found living there, complete with laptop and belongings

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A police officer describes finding a woman who was living inside a Walmart store (KTRK)

A woman in Michigan used a Walmart as her own personal homeless shelter, WNEM-TV reports.

The 45-year-old woman had been living inside the 24-hour Walmart in Grand Blanc Township for at least two days before employees noticed her on the store's security cameras. They asked her to leave, but she refused to go.

Police were eventually called to help take care of the situation.

"When I first made contact with her she was sitting in a chair. She actually had her laptop in her lap with headphones in," said Detective Matt Harburn.

Harburn asked the woman to leave, but she then became uncooperative because she claimed she had nowhere to go. Officers then arrested her on disorderly conduct charges.

A relative came and picked her up. Turns out the woman had been living with her son. He kicked her out because he was fed up with her drinking problem.

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