Body parts found at Bronx trash facility

HUNTS POINT, Bronx (WABC) -- Bringing in specially trained K-9 teams, NYPD officers and members of the medical examiner's office continued to search through large mounds of trash and debris in the Bronx Wednesday, in search of body parts.

So far nothing new has turned up directly connected to the dismembered woman's body discovered at a transfer station Tuesday.

In the early morning hours on Tuesday, Eyewitness News has learned that two dozen private carting trucks unloaded their garbage after midnight.

"I actually ran two loads out of here, and when I came back for the third one, I found that they had closed the gates, and I saw police cars coming up. I jumped out and asked the workers what was going on - they told me they found the body of a female," said worker Elias Rodriguez.

One of the large equipment operators, police say while sorting through the trash, discovered the torso and leg of an adult female. Work immediately stopped.

"It was in the dump floor where the garbage trucks come in - they dump the garbage," Rodriguez adds.

Police have confirmed they've recovered two arms with no hands, a torso, and a leg with no foot at the transfer station.

Dozens of police officers and staff from the Medical Examiner's office began working the crime scene.

Large front loaders brought in big piles of garbage one at a time. The grueling work is sorting through the garbage in hopes of recovering more parts, and finding out where it may have come from.

"It's not easy to say, because so many companies come here to dump from all five boroughs, and usually it's private garbage, not city garbage," says Rodriguez.

Some garbage left the facility, but that has been tracked and secured, and will be searched later.

Some of the containers that left Tuesday were tracked to Kearny, New Jersey but authorities confirm no additional remains were found inside those.
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