Coronavirus News: NYC small businesses taking first steps in reopening amid COVID-19 pandemic

NEW YORK CITY (WABC) -- As the number of COVID-19 cases appear to be on the decline in New York City, many small businesses that have been shuttered for months are now slowly reopening.

It's not quite business as usual in Manhattan, but for store owners, it's a first step out of a nightmare.

At Gray's Papaya on the Upper West Side, comfort food is back.

But the comfort isn't all about just the hot dogs. It's the simple fact that they're open again.

Gray's Papaya was closed for almost a month because workers says they were nervous.

On Wednesday, they opened with limited hours.

But it's not just restaurants.

Around the city, one by one, more and more businesses are starting to come back.

In Hell's Kitchen you can find signs saying "welcome back" or "reopening Friday."

These are signs that life is returning to New York.

The Times Square Diner closed for almost two months.

But it was back up and running on Wednesday, after their PPP money finally arrived.

They have scaled down the staff from 20 people to four, and it will go like that for at least a few months. But that's four more jobs than there were last week.

If you stop and chat with doormen, the eyes and ears of the city, they will tell you what they see.

They see more people out ... and heavier traffic.

Who would've thought you'd be glad to see traffic.


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