Suspect in shooting of 2 NYPD officers in Brooklyn to be charged with attempted murder

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Monday, February 22, 2016
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Dray Clark has an update on the shootings of 2 NYPD officers in Brooklyn Saturday.

BEDFORD-STUYVESANT, Brooklyn (WABC) -- The top charge against the suspect in the shootings of two NYPD officers in Brooklyn will be attempted murder in the first degree, according to the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office

Jamal Funes, 34, remains hospitalized in critical condition at Brookdale Hospital and no arraignment has been scheduled yet.

One of the wounded officers is hospitalized as investigators try to determine who fired the shot that fragmented and struck him during the confrontation in Brooklyn.

Some of the bullet fragments are still in Officer William Reddin's right hip. He was one of two officers wounded in the violent confrontation early Saturday that included a wild police chase.

Officer Andrew Yurkiw has been determined to have been struck by a .357 Magnum shot fired by the suspect. He was struck in his vest, treated at the hospital and released.

At least 51 shots were fired by 7 NYPD officers during the shootout.

Ballistic tests released Sunday night show that the bullet that struck Officer Yurkiw in his vest was fired by the suspect's gun.

Funes is Muslim and police say he has had contact with people being monitored by the Joint Terrorism Task Force, but officials do not believe he has any terrorist leanings.

Meanwhile, frustration and outrage was being expressed by community advocates and clergy after the violent shooting in which the officers were struck in an exchange of gunfire.

"That they can pull a gun out, that they can shoot at police officers, that they can shoot our mothers or our kids, but we're here to say we're not tolerating that," said Community Advocate Tony Herbert.

"Our streets and communities are riddled with bullets. We've got to get these guns," added Pastor David Cousin.

Eight officers converged on the car that was driven by Funes on Lexington Avenue near Malcolm X Boulevard early Saturday morning after he had earlier pointed a gun at officers.

Police found Fune's handgun on the front seat:

Funes has 15 prior arrests in New York City and another 11 in Chicago before leaving in 2000. He was arrested in 2007 for assaulting an NYPD officer. He attempted to take the officer's weapon and served a three-year prison sentence. He also was arrested in 2006 for striking a child with a belt and in 2002 for punching a girl in the face.