Oscar fashion with Christian Siriano

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Saturday, March 3, 2018
Oscar fashion with Christian Siriano
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Sandy Kenyon has the lastest on fashion at the Oscars from Hollywood.

HOLLYWOOD, California (WABC) -- The Formal Name for 'The Oscars' is 'The Academy Awards Ceremony' and for 90 years the goal has been to honor the best films, but for many, Oscar is all about fashion.

Oscar fashion has been called "Hollywood's Ultimate Spectator Sport" and for designers this red carpet is more important than any runway.

Each big star has a stylist who gets in touch with top fashion designers, like Christian Siriano. I sat down with Siriano at his New York showroom and he told me what goes into designing an Oscar-worthy gown for an a-list celebrity. "We show a lot of images, I do a lot of sketching, which is fun, I love that. I'll just send like a beautiful, ya know, pencil and drawing that I quickly color in and then that turns into a gown that could be on a red carpet."

Siriano dressed a total of ten women at The Golden Globes where stars were asked to wear black to support the "Me Too" movement to stop sexual harassment. Siriano told me his thoughts on watching the women walk the Golden Globes red carpet, "I thought the red carpet was more exciting than ever almost. I think people really went for it, they tried new things. You saw older actresses in new, exciting things, you say younger actresses trying new things. I mean, it was really fun to watch."

Limiting Siriano to black proved to be an interesting challenge because he is known for his bold use of color and during my visit to his Manhattan showroom, the designer told me with so many women saying 'times up' to male domination, the style of dress is different. Siriano said, "I think we still want women to celebrate their bodies and be beautiful, but I think the overly sexy, mesh, beaded thang might be a little bit not the right time."

Which is not to say the dresses will be dull, just perhaps a bit more demure but still different from what we saw at "The Globes." Siriano told me what we will be seeing a lot of at The Oscars, "There are gonna be some actresses who are gonna go full color, really bold, to kind of celebrate, ya know, women and celebrate themselves and I think that will also be nice to see."

Sure it is nice, but this red carpet is also a very intense place because the stars dress to impress a couple of hundred million people and in this era of social media the verdict on what they wear, good or bad, comes very quickly.