Sandy Kenyon's 2020 Oscar predictions

NEW YORK (WABC) -- As we approach the final hours of the Oscars, Eyewitness News Entertainment reporter Sandy Kenyon gives us predictions for the night.

Beginning with Brad Pitt, "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood", seems even better and more sublime, when I saw the movie again just recently.

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Brad will win his 1st Oscar as an Actor tonight, and among the female performers, Laura Dern comes closest to a lock of anyone this year.

Her supporting part as a divorce attorney in "Marriage Story" has already earned recognition from her union the screen actor's guild and was the "Critics Choice" at another award show.

Joaquin Phoenix has also been collecting plenty of trophies.

Even if Joker was a bit intense for you, almost everyone seems to marvel at the man's work. In a town full of unusual people, Phoenix is among the most eccentric, but he will not be denied an Oscar!

How this year's best picture nominees fared at the box office

Turning from "Joker" to "Judy" Renee Zellweger is almost sure to be a winner. Her role, as the late, great singer Judy Garland in "Judy" has already earned her multiple awards and all that remains is for her to get the ultimate accolade tonight.

This is an epic that made me go: Wow! The action never cuts.

"1917" looks like it was filmed in 1 continuous take. The result brings home the true costs of war.

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