Ossining police put down coyote after confrontations with residents

OSSINING, Westchester County (WABC) -- Police in Ossining say they put down a coyote Thursday morning following several confrontations with residents this week.

After a resident reported being confronted by the possibly-sick coyote, officers killed the animal, and it was taken to the Westchester County Department of Health for testing.

Lorraine Mccuen is nursing an injured leg, needing 12 stitches to repair the damage inflicted by the rabid coyote that attacked her and her dog Rascal early Monday morning.

"While I was picking Rascal up this thing was getting to my leg and it would go away come back, go away come back, and then it got to my sleeve of my jacket, ripped the jacket sleeve," said Mccuen.

The incident occurred at Mystic Pointe, a luxury condo complex in Ossining, where a second resident was bitten Tuesday.

The homeowners association had already hired a trapper, who spotted the coyote Wednesday.

Jim Horton even recorded the animal, wisely stopping before it lunged at him.

The coyote was able to run away when a responding police officer fired at it.

Thursday morning, animal control and police used a mechanical rabbit to lure the coyote. A single shot was fired to bring it down.

"It's definitely the same coyote that came after me yesterday because it had a mark under its left eye and the coyote this morning had the same mark so it's definitely the same one," said Horton.

"It's never a happy day when we have to destroy an animal but in rare instances it is necessary for the health and safety of our residents. It's a responsibility we take seriously," police said on the department's Facebook page.

Police issued the following advice for people to keep their families and pets safe:
- Be vigilant when walking pets, especially small animals, and keep them on a leash

- Keep all garbage secured (preferably indoors)
- Do not leave pet food outdoors
- Limit potential hiding places for animals like wood and rock piles. Seal off spaces underneath decks and porches.
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