Parking meters turned into amazing works of art

NEW YORK (WABC) -- There's no love lost between most of us and parking meters.

They gobble up change and generally run out before we remember to add more money.

Now, just as they are becoming obsolete, an artist wants to turn parking meters into something that won't take our money and may actually help us out.

The artist sees the glass dome as a display case, perfect for a mini art installation, and one he'd like to take back to the street.

"These things are pretty much banks on the street filled with money," said Conrad Stojak, the artist.

While you don't see too many parking meters on the streets these days, Stojak is hoping to change that.

"They remind me of how New York used to be it's a bygone era and I feel like these meters need a second chance," Stojak said.

For him a meter is the perfect vehicle to display his art.

"I thought hey if you can get something in there it would look nice like an urban diorama," Stojak said.

That's what this Queens artist has been doing since June.

"This is the flatiron building inside the meter," Stojak said.

He's done about a dozen parking meters so far including one of One World Trade. It's what inspired the landlord, Larry Silverstein, to give Stojak part of the 67th floor at 4 World Trade to use as his studio, free of charge.

It takes about three weeks to transform each meter. A meter with Rockefeller Center is complete with battery powered ice skaters. Others are powered by the sun or even Wi-Fi. Stojak says the ideas are endless.

"What I'd really like to do is like the cow parade sculptures with the meters," Stojak said.

For that to happen, Stojak would like to make as many as 200 meters.

He's looking forward to giving parking meters a good name.

"Everybody experienced parking in New York City, let's making something beautiful out of this," Stojak said.

It's a tribute to the city he loves.

"It's not really a think piece, it's a heart piece," Stojak said.

The meters Stojak has used so far have been donated by the city. There are thousands of them being stored on Long Island and he'd like to buy some up for his project. He has a crowdfunding site to do just that. And maybe one day, he'll sell the meters too.

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