Bear breaks into car for gummy bears

It seems that real bears like gummy bears, and a Colorado woman learned that the hard way.

Every door, every wire, and almost every inch of Cate Siegel's Subaru Forester was destroyed after a bear broke into it.

"He must have just got in, got up and around, got in the backseat and felt a little surprise in the backseat."

Siegel tells TV station KCNC was headed to work Thursday morning when she walked outside her Breckenridge, Colorado home to find both her car and her garage door were open.

"There was a garage opener in the car, he swiped that, must have stepped on it, opened the garage door but luckily our trash had just been taken out...I assume he's not too big because he was able to get around my car and maneuver it," Siegel said.

It made its way through her neighborhood, leaving trash in a few yards, and then into her car to find a sweet treat.

"Gummy bears! His own kind I guess," Siegel said.

Siegel says the candy was in a sealed bag, part of a gift basket she'd received the night before.

Living in the mountains, she says they are always cautious about locking up trash and try to do the same with their doors.

But in this instance, she says she let her guard down.