Police investigate after dogs injure 2 women in Port Jefferson Station

PORT JEFFERSON STATION, Long Island (WABC) -- There are concerns about aggressive canines in a town on Long Island.

Police say two dogs suddenly attacked another dog that was out for a walk. Both owners were hurt trying to break it up.

Now some neighbors are calling on the Town of Port Jefferson Station to take action.

Eileen Romaszka says she's worried about herself, her neighbors and all the kids on Champlain Street after the dog attack on Saturday night.

According to police, a woman was outside with her dog when two dogs attacked her dog.

When the woman who owns those two dogs and the other woman tried to separate the animals, they were both injured.

"I saw her on the ground yelling, 'Help, help, help,'" said Patti, a neighbor.

The victim was Tracey Thomas. Her hands were injured, and so was her face. Her ear was torn off.

She lives at 16 Champlain Street, the dogs that attacked live at 14, where the "Beware of Dog" sign hangs.

Those two dogs ran from their house to Thomas' lawn where she had her dog on a leash.

"She was on her own property when she got attacked," a neighbor said. "She was taking her dog for a walk. Those dogs came off their leash, property and attacked her."

A woman named Cheryl Hoctor owns the two dogs. She was also injured.

Neighbors say her dogs are the problem, and with a school that sits behind her house they say kids are at risk

"Someone is going to be killed by these dogs and I really hope it's not a child. I really hope it's not a child," Romaszka said. "We have a school in back of the house, the dogs jump on the fence, and they're going to get one of the kids. And then maybe, then maybe something will be done."

"I have four grandchildren that walk by almost daily, it's got to be stopped," said Mary Danboise, a neighbor. "She's got to be stopped."

Police haven't made any arrests and the Town of Brookhaven is also investigating.

Meanwhile, neighbors are signing a grievance with the town to have the dogs removed.
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