Electric shock jolts dogs walking on sidewalk in Brooklyn

BEDFORD-STUYVESANT, Brooklyn (WABC) -- One of the hazards of winter on New York City streets involves a danger to dogs.

Metal crates, manholes, or other devices can become electrified and dogs can become the victims.

Charlie, a five-year-old female pit bull, headed out on her evening walk with her owner Zack Light along Lafayette Avenue in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.

"Come on," urged Zack. This is a highlight of her day but over the past couple of days she has stepped on a potentially dangerous and unseen problem.

"When she gets shocked she will get past that door. Earlier this morning she kind of buckled and fell to the ground," said Light.

An electric shock, he says, comes in the area of a portion of sidewalk on Lafayette Avenue near his apartment building.

"I found out that all of the other dogs in the neighborhood were getting electrocuted, even a couple of more that walked by," said Light..

Christina Domingues and her dog Frankie had previously walked there but Frankie was now reluctant.

"She jumped and started immediately yelping and was screaming in pain. And I grabbed her and she was trembling," said Dominques.

Greatly concerned that one of their dogs could be seriously injured, they put up signs to warn others and contacted Con Edison.

Brie Johnson grabbed a picture of the crew working on Tuesday in a manhole near the sidewalk. "They were here the majority of the day, working out things. They said they had it resolved," Johnson said.

A Con Edison spokesperson tells Eyewitness News that 80 volts of power was found at the location and deactivated. They also say after periods of snow and ice, they may see more reports of shocks and energized equipment. They will also test for stray voltage.

Zack and Christina also recommend the rubber boots for their dogs' paws. "From now on I'm making sure I'm strapping them on," says Zack. Christina adds, "We're glad that it seems to be gone now."

And even Charlie seems to know it's safe once again. "Maybe she has a sixth sense about it being repaired or not but she has not been this calm the past couple of days, said Light.

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