EXCLUSIVE: Children traumatized as snarling dog invades Long Island home

HICKSVILLE, Long Island (WABC) -- The children stood on the dining room table, cowering and whimpering as a snarling German Shepherd made its way through their home.

Speaking in Spanish, Edgar Aparicio told Eyewitness News that it was terrifying.

Aparicio says the children were playing in the backyard when the dog came charging toward them. He says their grandfather was bitten trying to protect them as they ran inside to get away. The dog, he says, chased after them.

The dog terrorized the children, ages four, six and nine as well as two adult relatives, for several minutes until an officer arrived and shot and killed the dog on the spot. There is now a bullet hole in the living room couch. The child's grandfather was bitten.

The dog was one of two that apparently escaped from a nearby yard. The other dog was captured. Police say the shooting ended a rampage in the neighborhood, where two women were also bitten.

Edgar says he has little sympathy for the dog, and he is relieved that the children were not hurt.
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