EXCLUSIVE: Springfield Gardens man says he's menaced by dogs that attacked him

SPRINGFIELD GARDENS, Queens (WABC) -- A Queens man who was attacked by his neighbor's dogs five months ago, says he was chased by those same dogs again on Wednesday.

"They both proceeded to chase me. They chasing me up onto the pole where I end up across the street, and the whole time I was here I had to call for help just to get back inside the house," said Lisbourn Duhaney, the victim.

They are muscular canines; a pit bull and an Argentine Mastiff.

The 20-year-old has every reason to be scared of them.

Police say those dogs bit his right arm and hand back in June.

Speaking exclusively to Eyewitness News, the Springfield Gardens, Queens man showed us the deep gashes and nerve damage he suffered, and his scars five months later.

"From about here to here there's no feeling," Duhaney said, pointing to his elbow to his wrist. His mother, Claudia Lawrence, says she's done feeling trapped in their own home.

"I was terrified. I thought he was going die," Lawrence said.

They say the owner is a neighbor upstairs.

They share the backyard which is connected to their driveway.

Duhaney says when the dogs are not on a leash, they're often waiting by his car in the morning.

"There's no fence. There's no type of barrier and sometimes he's not home to feed the dogs, so therefore the dogs had nothing to eat, the dogs been out in the cold, they have a lack of attention, so as soon as they see somebody they just charge," Duhaney said.

He lives in the home with his aunt and other relatives. One of his cousins is just 1 year old.

"They're waiting for someone to be killed before they do something about these dogs," said Marilyn Hall, the victim's aunt.

The family says police have told them this is a civil matter. Meanwhile, they plan on reporting the neglect to the ASPCA. Until then, they're hoping no ends up back in the hospital.
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