Dog's leg amputated after being shot

MARTINEZ, California -- Police in California are calling it an extreme case of animal cruelty -- a German shepherd is recovering after someone shot it, forcing veterinarians to amputate its leg.

The German shepherd, now nicknamed Bullet, was taken to the Contra Costa Animal Services in Martinez last Saturday by a Good Samaritan.

"Our vets estimate from bullet trajectory, the dog was running away or laying down," Contra Costa Animal Shelter spokesperson Steve Burdo said.

Veterinarians found a bullet in the dog's right hind leg. It shattered his femur, so vets had to amputate the leg.

The dog is in good spirits. Vets say he's friendly and will be ready for adoption next week.

Police are doing ballistic tests on the bullet fragments because they want to catch who did it, but need information.

"Someone out there may know what happened to this dog. We'd like to hear from them," Contra Costa County Animal Services Lt. Jane Andreotti said.
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