Goats knitted sweaters with a little Super Bowl spirit

MONTROSE, CO -- A Broncos fan and goat farmer is busy this spring knitting orange and blue sweaters for her baby goats. She's expecting to outfit 150 kids this season.

Rebecca Herberg told station KCNC the goats are cold when they're born, weighing only about eight or nine pounds.

To keep them warm - and show team spirit - Rebecca is knitting furiously to keep up with the births.

However, she doesn't need 150 sweaters. As with human births, the late kids get the hand-me-downs.

Rebecca said, "First go round uses them for a couple of weeks, then we wash them and we put them on the next go round. You know...as long as everyone gets a sweater."

The girls get orange sweaters and the boys get blue.

Rebecca said her farm looks like a bunch of Broncos fans are running around.

KCNC adds that while Rebecca says wasn't always a football fan, the Broncos have won her over. She said, "They're really a team you can be proud of and I love them. It's not so much that I'm a football fan as that I am a Broncos fan and how could you not be?"

On Sunday, Rebecca and her 14 goats will, of course, be cheering on the Broncos.
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