Guilty pleas by both suspects in Long Island's 'Miss Harper' case; dog found with ears and leg cut off

HUNTINGTON, New York (WABC) -- Two suspects pleaded guilty Tuesday in the "Miss Harper" animal cruelty case on Long Island.

Shawanna and Lee Hughes both pleaded guilty. Lee will get six months in prison and five years probation, and Shawanna will get one year. Sentencing is scheduled for May 17th.

A third person, Reginald Smith had previously pleaded guilty.

Their pit bull named "Miss Harper" was found in September 2014 with her ears and a leg cut off. She had also been severely beaten.

The Nassau County SPCA found a loving family to adopt her once she recovered from her extensive injuries.

This story led the Nassau County Legislature to establish an animal abuse registry, making it a lot harder for convicted abusers to adopt or buy another pet.
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