Milo the cat has purrfect family reunion after 7 years missing

PERKIOMENVILLE, Pa. -- If cats could talk, Milo would have quite the tale.

He went missing from his Scranton, Pennsylvania, home more than seven years ago.

His owner at the time, Lorelei Bak, remembers the day she first got him.

"My son had a kitten who died, and we decided to take him to the Lackawanna Humane Society and he picked out a kitten who was 5 months old," said Bak.

After raising the cat for about 10 years, Bak's son took him in after graduating from college.

The happy home would be short lived.

Repair workers left a door open and Milo escaped.

Amazingly, years later, someone in Montgomery County found Milo wandering the streets and brought him to the SPCA.

The search was on to track down his owner.

"Certainly after eight years I would imagine that they wouldn't have dreamed in their wildest dreams that Milo would be located and be located alive and well," said Tracie Graham, Montgomery County SPCA.

We've all heard the saying that cats have nine lives, but Milo has been missing for almost eight years and somehow managed to make it back home.

His owners say he definitely has 10 lives.

"And even if he has a month or has a week, he's home," said Bak.

Milo was microchipped, but never registered.

After tracking down the original shelter where Milo was adopted, the SPCA was eventually able to track down his family.

They had admittedly lost all hope of ever seeing him again.

By now Milo was 18 - that's about 90 in human years.

When they got the call he had been found, they were all in shock and disbelief, but thankful Milo was home.

"God is making sure that Milo is here with his family for however much time he has left," said daughter Melissa Vak.

Other than being a little old and frail, the SPCA says Milo is in pretty good shape.

No one knows how Milo ended up on that Montgomery County street or where he's been all these years - well, nobody but Milo.
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