New City woman's small barking dog prompts mail suspension notice from USPS

NEW CITY (WABC) -- A woman from Rockland County in a dispute with the United States Post Office over her small dog, after the USPS informed her it will no longer deliver her mail amid safety concerns.

The New City woman claims her dog is harmless and that his loud bark is worse than his bite. Because he doesn't.

Leo is Emily Fabrizio's 15-pound Bichon Frise-Shih Tzu mix that was the target of a USPS notice that informed the pet owner her mail service was being suspended because the pooch is unrestrained and threatened the letter carrier.

Fabrizio disputes the claim, stating that Leo is behind a locked front door about 95 percent of the time since she works full time. But on the occasion someone is home, she says Leo would be behind the storm door -- barking, yes, but posing no danger.

USPS officials want her to sign an agreement assuring them that the dog will be restrained during hours of delivery, something she doesn't believe is necessary.

"He has never bitten anybody, never attacked anybody," she said. "Is he a loud barker? Yeah, but he gets excited when he sees people because he likes people."

Again, the USPS is citing safety concerns, as thousands of letter carriers nationally are bitten every year by dogs.
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