NYPD K-9 units to patrol TCS NYC Marathon

NEW YORK -- There was a rehearsal in Central Park Thursday for the Parade of Nations on the eve of the TCS New York City Marathon, and security teams are already working to make sure there are no disruptions during the race.

And for the first time, that includes K-9 officers and their dogs.

"Maddy is by far the greatest partner I've ever had," Officer Matthew Gullo said. "She's always out there working, protecting the city, protecting me."

And come Sunday, she'll be protecting runners and spectators at the TCS New York City Marathon as the NYPD's Critical Response Command deploys specially trained K-9 units.

"Maddy is vapor wake explosive detection K-9," Gulllo said. "She's trained to sniff explosives that are not only static, but also on the move if someone was carrying them."

During a practice drill, someone acting as a decoy passed Maddy carrying a bag with a would-be explosive. She stiffened up, making it very clear she was on to something.

"The whole goal of this K-9 unit and to be here at the marathon is to constantly improve the safety of the city," Sergeant Eric Konoski said. "And that's exactly why we're here."

Besides protecting New Yorkers every single day, Maddy is a living legacy.

"Maddy is named after Officer Madeline Carlo, who died in July of 2007 from 9/11 illness," Gullo said. "All our K-9s are named after fallen officers, and Maddy carries on her legacy every day while she's at work."

So while runners from all of the world pound the pavement and more than 2.5 million watch, Maddy and her team will be out there working to ensure all everyone stays safe. All hands -- and all paws - will be on deck.