Rego Center using bird calls to scare off nuisance pigeons

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Amy Freeze has more in Rego Park.

There is a noisy nuisance at a mall in Queens.

Wild bird calls are being blasted over the loudspeaker.

Birds are not out of place at Rego Center Mall, it is after all an outdoor shopping center.

"Are we getting invaded? It sounded like a coop up there!" said Denise Cantin, a resident.

Unwelcome pigeons are being chased off by the sounds of other birds.

After 36 years in Rego Park, Cantin says even though it's loud, it's worth putting up with.

"Yes, there was a major pigeon problem," said Carol Cassio, a Maspeth resident.

Bacteria ridden droppings were everywhere, affecting cleanliness.

"It was all over, covering the benches," Cassio said.

"They set on bars, let loose, it's filthy," Cantin said.

Some shoppers now say the nuisance is the sound, not pigeons. The fake bird call system is considered a humane way to deter the pigeons from perching and doing business over the heads of shoppers.

"Like, you are in a zoo with exotic animals," Cassio said.

The alarm system emits loud sounds of chirping birds. It was installed by mall management several weeks ago on the third floor by the escalator, about 500 feet from Bed, Bath & Beyond.

"I'd rather hear the bird calls, lesser of two evils," said Robert Williams, Queens resident.

It's easy to see other deterrents on location like spiking and netting on the building.

Every 30 seconds or so, you hear the bird calls, which seem to chase all the birds away! Only a handful of pigeons landed on the property over a two-hour period, so it seems like it's working.

Personally, I did not find it to be obtrusive or annoying," Williams said.

Many spots in New York City use the bird call system to deter pigeons like the MTA, churches and libraries.

The Rego Center Mall did not want to comment.
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