Small dog attacked by coyote in Bergen County

SADDLE RIVER, N.J. (WABC) -- It's happened again, a coyote attack in Bergen County, New Jersey.

The wild animal attacked a small dog that somehow managed to escape.

The attack happened on Oak Road in Saddle River.

"We thought that was it. We thought we lost her," said Ilana Rosenberg, the dog's owner.

Rosenberg and her three children heard a loud scream from their dog Oogie and then an eerie silence.

"I ran to the back door and actually saw the coyote standing not too far from the back door. But she wasn't anywhere to be found," Rosenberg said.

But no sign of the 4-year-old Yorkie Bijon mix for 15 long minutes.

"I thought the worst because I called her name and she didn't answer," Rosenberg said.

"We were screaming her name. She showed up at the back door, some blood on her, and she was clearly attacked," Rosenberg said.

So they rushed her to an animal hospital not knowing if she would make it.

"She was bitten here in the thoracic region and her little paw over here. She's doing much better than I expected," Rosenberg said.

Luckily, Oogie had a rabies vaccine just two weeks ago and she's expected to make a full recovery. But the Rosenberg family is afraid to leave their Saddle River home until the coyote is caught.

"We have been taking her with the leash, she does seem a little bit scared to go out which makes a lot of sense. The kids, I'm a little hesitant to let them go out and play soccer like they usually do until they find this coyote," Rosenberg said.
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