Small dog attacked by pit bull, second attack in weeks in Nutley

NUTLEY, New Jersey (WABC) -- Two violent pit bull attacks in a quiet tight knit community in New Jersey have unnerved people living there as they question why more isn't being done to keep these dogs under control.

The most recent attack involving a pit and small dog happened near Ravine and Center Streets, and luckily a police officer arrived in the nick of time.

"He's killing my dog, he's killing my dog!" said Yvette King, the small dog's owner.

Those were the only words that could escape King's mouth as she stood paralyzed with fear as her small Pomeranian Bleubeir suddenly became prey for a loose pit bull.

"The dog was across the street and as soon as he saw it, he just took off and it was instantaneous," King said. "He just latched on to my dog's head, just ripped; I didn't realize that I was injured until after the fact."

Fortunately, a nearby police officer heard her desperate cries for help and managed to pry the small dog from the pit's mouth, but poor Bleubeir suffered some significant injuries.

"He's injured in his ear, he's injured on his shoulder, under his neck, on the top of his head, and on his eye," King said. "The doctor said he's fortunate that he didn't lose his eye."

According to police, this same pit was involved in another biting incident in Midland Park and had only been living in Nutley on a trial basis for a week.

However, this incident pales in comparison to another horrific attack involving a small baby girl mauled by another pit in a stroller just weeks ago.

"The baby was there, everybody was on the dog next thing, we were like the baby's here screaming, losing all this blood and got her out of the stroller," said Seamus Burke, a neighbor.

The baby girl was quickly rushed to a nearby hospital where she received more than 70 stitches for her wounds.

But now many throughout Nutley are questioning if more needs to be done to keep pit bulls on a tighter leash.

"I love dogs, it's generally not the dog, it's generally the owners because I see other pit bulls walk by and they're mannerable, they're on the correct leashes and collars, and the owners have them close at hand. I think that's what's important," King said.

The owner of the dog that attacked that baby girl is set to appear in court May 4th.
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