Watch: Buffalo rams SUV at Yellowstone National Park

(YouTube/Tom Carter)

What do you do when you spot a buffalo running full speed at your SUV? You brace for impact!

At least that's what one man was forced to do when a buffalo charged into his friend's parked SUV at Yellowstone National Park.

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Amateur photographer Tom Carter of Dallas, Texas, recorded the entire incident and uploaded the video to YouTube. The video shows the buffalo coming straight at the Nissan Xterra.

Carter, who was in the vehicle with at the time with a friend, thinks the buffalo were being agitated by cars.

"I really thought they were just going to run right by. After he rammed us, the other two just stopped," Carter told USA Today. "I just happened to be in the right place at the wrong time."

Carter says the bison was fine after the collision.

"I was never worried about my personal safety," said Carter. "He picked on somebody his own size (meaning the car)."

But his SUV wasn't so lucky. In the caption of the video, he listed the damage to the SUV at $2,787.82 -- that averages to more than a dollar per pound for the 2,000 pound bison.
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