'Pick of the Litter' on Disney+ follows puppies training to be guide dogs for the blind

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Friday, December 27, 2019
'Pick of the Litter' follows pups training to be guide dogs for the blind
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New Disney+ docuseries 'Pick of the Litter' follows pups on the path of training to become service guide dogs for the blind.

BURBANK, Calif. -- "Pick of the Litter" was first a documentary made in 2018 centered around the organization Guide Dogs for the Blind.

There were so many more positive "pup-stories" to tell, it's now a series on Disney+. It takes us into the world of the non-profit organization and follows potential guide dogs as they begin their arduous training process.

"We worked with the people at Guide Dogs for the Blind to find the best candidates and the most interesting stories, and just dove into it there and then see them all the way through the six episodes to see where they end up," said executive producer Don Hardy.

"I think this is the kind of series that everyone is going to feel good about," said executive producer Mary F. Celenza. "It spotlights an organization that does incredible work, it has amazing adorable dogs who are also doing incredible work, and it really makes you feel good, and I think just you get more and more invested with every episode that goes on. They're really special dogs."

"Would you call them the best of the best?" asked Hardy.

"I would call them the best of the best! I think I might call them the pick of the litter!" laughed Celenza.

You can check out the pack on "Pick of the Litter" airing now on Disney+.

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