Sandy Kenyon reviews 'Pitch Perfect 3'

NEW YORK (WABC) -- I liked the first "Pitch Perfect" movie, but I called the second one "a major disappointment." So quite frankly, I dreaded seeing another one in the series.

That being said, I was pleasantly surprised by "Pitch Perfect 3."

The Bellas are back together to sing acappella again, and while their pitch isn't perfect, I had more fun watching their third outing than I did seeing their second. Mainly, I just like seeing this group of charismatic women.

The older members of the group are trying to start their lives as adults by working in various jobs, but they're not that happy as individuals. So they get back together as a group and head to Europe to entertain the troops as part of a USO tour. But the ladies are also competing against a couple of other groups for a recording contract offered by D.J. Khaled.

Oscar nominee Anna Kendrick makes "Pitch Perfect 3" worth watching, so it's good that much of the later action revolves around her character.

"My record label wants to sign one of the bands," one record executive tells her. "But we don't want The Bellas. We want you."

Kendrick's character is astonished and doesn't want to leave the group, etc, etc. But, that's FINE. Predictable is OK because there is comfort in the familiar, and when this sequel began with an over-the-top action sequence, I set aside reason and buckled in to enjoy the ride.

Critics have taken turns slamming this movie, and it has a very low score on Rotten Tomatoes, but I think those other reviewers are being too harsh. If you're looking for a pleasant diversion and a welcome break from holiday stress, the third "Pitch Perfect" movie could be well worth your time and money.
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