Video shows UPS worker tossing package into Connecticut home

PLANTSVILLE, Connecticut (WABC) -- A home security camera captured a UPS worker hurling a holiday package at a house in Connecticut Friday, and the homeowner thinks the delivery driver needs to find a new line of work.

Everyone who drives by Cheryl's home in Plantsville knows she loves everything about Christmas: the lights, the trees, even the shopping.

"We just enjoy the holidays," she said. "I have a lot of extra Christmas wrapping to do this year."

But she said it's a good thing Santa doesn't deliver gifts the way one UPS employee did, because her surveillance video captured the delivery driver chucking her package splat against her garage door.

"He had my package in his hand, and he put it back like this, almost like he was throwing a baseball," she said. "And it just went boom."

The package included clothing, a coffee mug, and several ornaments. Luckily, nothing was broken.

But the more Cheryl watched the video, the angrier she felt. Her happy holidays nearly transformed to bah humbug.

"I'm looking at the video, and I'm like, did he really just throw that package like that?" she said. "I used other words, but I won't say them."

Her friends knew right away the package pitcher made a big mistake.

"Oh they did, oh they did," Roxanne Miranda said. "They definitely picked the wrong person to mess with on that one."

Cheryl shared the video on social media, where it went viral. Now, UPS is investigating.

Cheryl hopes the holiday hurler finds a new occupation that requires a little less of what she loves most -- the Christmas spirit.

"If you're not happy doing that kind of a job at this time of the season, I think you need to find a new job," she said.

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