Bernie Sanders speaks to Eyewitness News ahead of the New York primary

NEW YORK (WABC) -- With two days left before the New York primary, Bernie Sanders appeared on Eyewitness News Sunday Morning and pledged to take his fight for the Democratic nomination all the way to the floor of this summer's convention in Philadelphia.

"Every person in this country, every state in this country, has a right to cast their ballot for who they want to see the Democratic nominee be," he said.

Asked whether the battle with Hillary Clinton is hurting the party, Sanders said, "The only way the Democrats are going to win is with a large voter turnout, and we are helping to create that turnout," he said.

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Sanders maintained he still has a good chance to win Tuesday's New York primary against Clinton, and emphasized that national polls show him beating Donald Trump in the general election.

"I've known her, I respect her, but I have been disappointed in the kinds of attacks her campaign has levied against me," Sanders said of Clinton.

On his struggles to make inroads among African-American voters, Sanders said "Look at my record, look at our agenda on criminal justice issues, the need to reform a broken system, the need for real police reform which holds police officers who break the law accountable, the need to rethink the so-called war on drugs."

Sanders said he would fund his proposal for free public college tuition with 'a tax on Wall Street speculation'.

New York is offering the most delegates of any contest left on the primary calendar until June, and the candidates are looking to win over undecided voters. null
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