Donald Trump tries to drum up support from new base in Edison, New Jersey

EDISON, New Jersey (WABC) -- Donald Trump was in Edison, New Jersey on Saturday, trying to drum up support from a new base.

Against the press, and his growing list of sexual accusers, Trump is ratcheting up his attacks, and his growing list of sexual assault accusers.

The GOP White House hopeful started out the day in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, adding a bold new challenge to Hillary Clinton.

"We should take a drug test prior, cause I don't know what's going on with her," Trump said.

While trump continued his all-out assault in the Granite State, it was a warm embrace in New Jersey.

Trump appeared at the Republican Hindu Coalition fundraiser in Edison, and was pouring on the love.

"Under a Trump Administration, we are going to become even better friends. In fact, I'll take the word 'even' out, because we are going to be best friends. There won't be any relationship more important to us," said Trump.

Voters said the love was mutual.

"He would like to work with Indians and small entrepreneurs, and would like to cut the tax rate. That's really helpful," said Sridager Godugu.

A surprising issue drawing voters in Edison - immigration. When asked if Trump's anti-immigration rhetoric is cause for concern, supporters say he showed up on Saturday, and that counts.

"He mainly focused on highly skilled employees. He wanted to give some opportunity," said Santhosh Gajawata.

However, while Trump was met with open arms inside, outside South Asian leaders and Clinton supporters denounced the GOP nominee.

"I hope he spends a lot of time in New Jersey, because he's going to be wasting it," said Assemblyman Raj Mukherji, "As the New York Times recently noted, seven percent of South Asian Americans polled planned to vote for Donald Trump. So you spend all the time you want right across the street from here."

The truth is, an overwhelming number of Indian-Americans are not backing Trump, and New Jersey is not a must-win battleground state for him. However Trump does need to reach beyond his base.
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