Donald Trump writes 'I love Hispanics' in Cinco de Mayo photo on Facebook

NEW YORK CITY -- Donald Trump celebrated Cinco de Mayo with a curious social media post.

The presumptive Republican nominee took to Twitter and Facebook Thursday with a picture of himself eating a taco bowl and the caption: "Happy Cinco de Mayo! The best taco bowls are made in Trump Tower Grill. I love Hispanics!"

The post immediately went viral, generating tens of thousands of retweets and seemingly as many jokes.

The taco bowl is not actually on sale at the Trump Grill, but the Trump Cafe in the candidate's namesake tower offers a "Taco Fiesta!" for $13.50.

Despite his statement, the feeling isn't reciprocated.

Trump's poll numbers among Latinos have been consistently poor since he began his campaign by promising to build a border wall to prevent "killers" and "rapists" from coming to the U.S. from Mexico. According to an ABC News Washington Post poll last month, 81 percent of Hispanics had an unfavorable view of him.

Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton responded with a tweet of her own:

She said Thursday that Trump wants to create a "deportation force to round up millions of people," warning a largely Hispanic audience about him.

Clinton said the "best way to prevent that from happening is to make sure he never gets near the White House."

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