Hillary Clinton speaks to Eyewitness News about her bid for the White House

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Current Presidential Candidate, former Secretary of State, future Commander-in Chief? Hillary Clinton hopes to become the first woman to serve as the nation's President.

On Sunday, Clinton spoke to Eyewitness News about her bid for the White House.

Clinton, who is facing a tough fight ahead in the New York Primary on April 19th, took the chance to remind voters of the work she has done while Senator.

"We did a lot of great work across the state, and here in the city. Recovering from 9/11, the work I did to make sure our first responders, our construction workers, were given the healthcare they needed after their exposure on the pile," Clinton said.

Clinton has shown some frustration with her Democratic opponent, Bernie Sanders. The tension was evident Saturday as the campaigns bickered over scheduling a possible debate before the New York contest. Clinton says of the possible Good Morning America debate scheduled for April 15th, that she'll be there. Sanders, who is stumping hard in Wisconsin for Tuesday's primary, responded.

"If you look at some of those Democratic debates that we've had in the past, many observers have noted that they're often scheduled on days when the voter turnout...the viewer turnout would not be particularly high. So I would hope that she would agree with me. Let's do it at a mutually convenient time. She has a rough schedule, I have a rough schedule. Let's get it on a network where people are going to be watching it at a time when people are going to be watching it. I think we can work that out," said Sanders.

Recent polls show Clinton has the edge over Sanders here in New York with a 54 percent lead. On the GOP side, Donald Trump has an even bigger edge with 56 percent of the vote, dominating over Cruz and Kasich. If the two home-state candidates become the nominees, Clinton says she will be ready.

"Well. We'll let the Republicans decide who their nominee is, because they have to make that decision, but if he is the nominee, or any of the Republicans end up being the nominee, and I'm the nominee, I will look forward to debating them about the future of our country," said Clinton.

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