Republican candidate Phil Oliva's family videotaped by 'tracker'

SOMERS, New York (WABC) -- Ahead of Tuesday's primary, a Republican candidate in Somers is calling on Democrats to turn over videotape that he claims was taken of him and possibly of his family.

"Our family was subjected to something that nobody should be subjected to," Congressional candidate Phil Oliva said.

Oliva, with his wife Jessica and their three children, is calling for state Democratic officials to turn over any and all recordings that might have been taken of him and his family by a so-called "tracker" who followed them during his campaign.

"I was harassed at work, on my down time, by what's known as a tracker," he said. "Someone following me around with a video camera."

Oliva has accused the tracker of working for the campaign of the Democratic candidate, sitting Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney, though the Maloney campaign previously said the tracker worked for the state Democratic party.

Recently at their home, however, Jessica Oliva said she looked out of the kitchen window to see the tracker a short distance away, staring at her.

"Someone right there looking at me," she said. "You know, clearly looking at me, and noticed that I was looking back at them."

The tracker, who has since been fired, is also accused by Jessica Oliva of trying to contact her on her Facebook site, devoted to motivating moms and health issues.

"Just seeing Phil's social media that it was the same person, and that really scared me," she said. "And when he did admit he was at my house, he contacted me multiple ways and that was really off putting."

Now, they are asking for all the raw video.

"Were they filming us at night? And O don't know the answer, I hope not," Phil Oliva said. "They can get shots inside. My wife is always breast feeding our 4-month-old. The kids could be in their underwear, getting into PJ's at night."

"The tracker worked for the New York State Democratic Party, and the party was right to fire him for crossing the line," a Maloney spokesperson said. "The representative also previously stated that the party should send Mr. Oliva the footage he has requested, and we are glad to hear that is happening."

The Olivas want to see all the video before they decide whether or not to take the issue further.
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