Rock the vote with 'Video Voto Matic'

CHELSEA, Manhattan (WABC) -- The exceptionally negative tone of this election is turning off a lot of people.

So a local artist is helping voters drown out the nasty rhetoric while having some fun.

"This is a real voting booth that I bought on eBay for $50," said Mike Richison, an artist.

It's a voting booth that Richison has revamped and computerized for a project he calls Video Voto Matic.

"I wanted to make something that is nonpartisan, that lets people come in and take bits and pieces of media and manipulate these pieces and make a beat and enjoy the absurdity of everything," Richison said.

Just like when you vote, there's a ballot.

"You slide the ballot into the machine," Richison said.

Then you pick a candidate or political figure, and as you punch that ballot you create beats and sounds like a snare drum or clapping.

Richison who teaches at Monmouth University has done video installations for four elections now.

This one is the most participatory.

It was set up outside Rags A GoGo in Chelsea where it had been for a recent art festival as well.

Those passing by got a kick out of it.

Talk about making music out of American politics.

The Video Voto Matic experience heads to two galleries between now and the election so you can get your beat on even on Election Day.

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